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3fourteen design - 11/17/17

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3fourteen design - 11/17/17 Video: 3fourteen design - 11/17/17
3fourteen design - 11/17/17 Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:13:48 +0000 3fourteen design - 11/17/17 3fourteen design - 11/17/17 KOLR [?] >> kelly: welcome back. we're talking with elizabeth and her son jackson. now, she's the owner of 314 designs. thank you for coming on. >> guest: thanks for having us. >> jeremy: your last name is gold, for real? >> it's not a stage name. >> jeremy: it's the best name ever. >> kelly: everything you touch turns to gold. right? >> there you go. >> kelly: tell us about your company. >> guest: sure. i started six years ago. and the idea was for the single shirt. a lot of people were looking for an athletic shirt and they didn't need 12 or 24 screen printed. so we started doing with vinyl. and then, it led to more groups were coming to us, because they wanted screen print, embroidery, vinyl. and we can do all of it in one. >> jeremy: you can do everything? if i want one shirt that has kelly's face on it, i can do one? >> guest: yes. >> jeremy: but if i wanted 2,700, i can do that. >> guest: we can do that, too. one to infinity. >> jeremy: that's awesome. not a lot of companies do that. >> kelly: it's true. it starts right here. let's show everybody where it starts. >> guest: we have different materials. this looks backwards, because it is. this is an ink design. we print it out on our printing paper. then, it ends up on a shirt. like this was originally ink like this. >> jeremy: but it's the reverse image because you put it down flat. >> guest: we put it on the shirt. we have machines that press it on there. so it is permanent. we have different kinds of vinyls. glitter is the most popular with ladies. >> jeremy: i can imagine. that was like the cheetah we talked about, the cheetos. perfect. >> guest: for example, if you see this, this ends up like this. >> jeremy: let me hold that upside by side. >> kelly: very christmassy right there. >> jeremy: i love that! >> guest: everything is cut to order. >> jeremy: can you mix and match? >> guest: there's certain things we can and can't. this is different where it has to be on its own. but what is popular is glitter vinyl on top of a smooth vinyl. >> kelly: do you have a catalog or do people come in and pick out a shirt and decide what they want? >> we are an online business. we used to be brick and mortar, but we're finding that we ship everything. so what happened, we have a website. when it comes to custom stuff, people call us or facebook or instagram. >> jeremy: if you do a custom, you can do that online? >> most of the time they message us or call us. >> jeremy: call to make sure? >> yes. if they know they want this design, they go to our website and point click and it's done and we ship it within three or five days. >> kelly: they choose what they want. >> guest: yes. >> jeremy: so this in the red glitter, could you get it in black glitter, then? >> guest: yes. it's very common they'll say i like this, could you do it in a medium, blue, and change this to green. because every single shirt is made individually. >> kelly: you do a lot for cheerleaders, ball teams. >> yes, basketball, baseball, we do coaches. we do a lot of traveling baseball. the cheer groups. we do a lot of businesses, boutiques. >> jeremy: how about family reunions. those are big. i see those in branson a lot. >> guest: they can customize it with the family name and people ute put the number on the back based on their birth order. >> jeremy: that's cute. >> kelly: what kind of shirt do people pick the most? >> the most common shirt we're selling are either the heathered. >> jeremy: what does that mean, the heathered? >> it's soft and has a blend. or just the standard crew necks or v-necks. >> jeremy: are crew necks more popular? >> guest: probably. it just depends. because the girls or guys that like the v-necks, that's what they want. >> kelly: you were talking about the feel of this. i will wear a t-shirt based on how it feels. it can be a plain t-shirt, nothing special, i just like the weight of it, and how comfortable it is. >> jeremy: i like that. >> guest: they are very soft. those are the most popular ones. >> jeremy: you said people can do this on your website. if you have a smaller family and sometimes you have to order 27 shirts, well, i only need five. if they want to get in touch for the holidays is it too late? >> guest: no we're still taking christmas orders. because we're usually a week out. our website is we have a facebook, 314 designs. and instagram. >> jeremy: all 34 then 14 spelled out. >> kelly: i hope it continues to be more gold for you. >> guest: thank you. >>

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