Friday, February 23, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
Black History Month continues as February comes to an end and a local elementary hosted their annual program to celebrate and honor the month long event. News 25’s Payton Malone traveled out to Pass Road Elementary in Gulfport and has more. Black History Month is nearly over and from the sights and sounds at Pass Road Elementary School, students and teachers are wrapping up the month long celebration in a big way. Event Planner Judy Barkum said, “All of our kids participate and they have a ball.” There were even celebrity guest appearances. Students dressed up as prominent figures in black history. There was no shortage of entertainment. This year’s theme was Harlem Renaissance. “There was so much to do because there are writers, there are all kinds of great thinkers from that time and the music. You can’t say enough about the music from the Harlem Renaissance time,” said Barkum. Fourth grader Christian Scruggs is known to steal the show and this year was no different with his impersonation of jazz singer Cab Calloway. While Christian enjoyed performing for his classmates and signing autographs, he understands why this is important. “It’s important to show how black people were able to accomplish things and how they could go to school, like we could go to Pass Road Elementary because if it wasn’t for black history we wouldn’t be able to come here.” Students and parents filled the gym for the show. Performers like third grader Ijahnna Daniel look forward to the event all year long. “Everyone gets to watch and be inspired and learn about our history.” And to continue the celebration of diversity, Pass Road Elementary will also host a Hispanic and Latino celebration in October.   [READ MORE]
Eliza Sayers
by Clip Syndicate
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Shakespeare Music Guest
by Clip Syndicate
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Dr. Logan Westbrooks
by Clip Syndicate
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